Saturday, September 10, 2011

Smartphone Shop of Nasa at Khalid bin Alwaleed St.

Smartphones are getting popular among all kind of people, Business men, Students, Women and Children. Because they are not only a useful tool for communication but a thing of entertainment as well. Not only children but adults like to play games on smartphones and tablet computers. That's why Smartphone business is also growing in all the regions of world. The name 'Nasa' is not new in Saudi Arabia. It is there from early 90s. They were doing good with computer business before and later on they introduced concept of Pocket computers in Saudi Arabia mobile market. These days Nasa Smart Devices is a popular name in this business. They have many shops in the Kingdom.

This is one of the shop located at Khalid bin Al-Waleed street, in Al-Sharfiyah district Jeddah.

Exterior of the Smartphone Shop

Interior of the Smartphone Shop