Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Decoration Variety at Centrepoint Jeddah

CentrePoint that is offering 50 % discounts on their products these days, keep a unique collection of Home Decoration Items and Ready Made garments at their various branches in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  I visited CentrePoint on last weekend and I took a few photographs of Centrepoint Home Decoration and Accessories products. I hope you will like them.

Decoration Pieces, Pots, Tables

Pots with water passing inside them

Another Decoration Item

Adore and Apsley

Like a waterfall

Cupboards and Cabnets

Table Lamps

Decoration Mirrors, Photo Frames, Items hanging with wall

Table Lamps and Frames


A Traditional Knife and Frames

More Frames

Decoration Items

Decoration Items

Decoration Items

Beautiful Wall Clocks

Home and Office Accessories

Corner with Shelves

Traditional and Beautifully decorated Frames

Decoration Mirrors