Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best Fresh Ice Cream in Jeddah - Freshi

One of the most colorful, mouth-watering, naturel, fresh and tasty Ice cream in Jeddah is Freshi Ice Sticks. It is available at many shopping malls including Red Sea Mall, Roshan Mall, Sultan Mall, Ice Land, Serafi Mega Mall, Jeddah Mall, N2 Mall, Al-Jamea Mall (under-construction) and Al-Shallal theme park which I featured in my last post.

Freshi Ice Sticks claims that they make Ice Cream with natural fruits and don't use any kind of chemicals to produce their product. They also say that like other Ice creams they don't keep it in freezer for months but they only keep this ice cream for a few days (4-7) days, after that they destroy unsold Ice sticks and don't sell it anymore. According to me that is positive news for health conscious people and it is good news for everyone because most of us are used to of frozen products.

And the last but not least, customers at Freshi Ice Sticks can dip their ice sticks into Hot Chocolate, White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate. There is additional topping is also available, either you choose pistachio on top of your ice stick or crushed/blended peanuts.

Unlike its benefits the prices of Freshi are not higher than any regular good quality ice cream. There are few Ice sticks which are available in 8 Saudi Riyals and few premium flavors are 10 Saudi Riyal.

Take a look at more photographs. I published Freshi Display Freezer pictures earlier at Jeddah Photo Blog too, You may take a look on that too.