Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Preparing and Serving South Indian Paratha in Jeddah

Paratha is a kind of bread (loaf) cooked with oil on a flat surface called Tawwa. Paratha is a traditional dish in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. There are many varieties of Parathas like Aalu ka paratha, gobi ka pratha, saag ka paratha etc. Actually it is coocked with stuffing of few vegetables inside. Vegetables like Curly flower, potatos etc. However south Indian people specially Keralite (people from Indian state Kerala) have more variety of paratha. They coock it with Egg topping, Meat topping and Banana topping. I cannot describe the recipe or full procedure of making it because I really don't have correct idea. I can only show you few photographs from which you can get idea.

South Indian Paratha with Egg topping, served with Ketchup and Mountain Dew.

Preparing flour and spreading it on wide surface

Rotating it around to make it perfect for final dish

Paratha is being cooked 

Finally ready to serve, can also be served with tea. South Indian people love to eat it on the evenings.