Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pleasent Weather at Red Sea Beach Jeddah

It was a pleasant weather in Jeddah city yesterday when a refreshing rain made the whole city excited, A lot of people have enjoyed it on the Red Sea Beach. Cloudy Sky, refreshing cool breeze and rain made a magical environment after a long time in Jeddah. This photos below were taken a few moments before the rain, when suddenly it came and all of people ran towards their vehicles to get a cover from the rain. It was quite enjoyable and refreshing.

Heavy Clouds over Red Sea

A Straight view of Clouds

The Sea Water was so excited

Huge Number of people were there to enjoy such a weather

You will hardly find such a clouds in Jeddah city throughout the year

Boating in Red Sea

Corniche Street was full of vehicles

Sea water was jumping with joy

So many clouds gone away before rain and people started disapointing

Boating and Jet Ski

Mobile Tower (STC)

Thick clouds gather before rain