Sunday, July 24, 2011

Road Accident between A Jeep & A Passenger Bus

I travel daily from home to office via Small Passenger Bus. The distance is about 15 km from home and it takes about 45 minutes to my trip. Today (24th July 2011) while coming to office I have seen a road accidents that happened between a small passenger bus and a jeep. Both of them traveling on the same direction at King Fahad street. Off-course it was because of overspending. When I reached near Souq Bawadi exactly opposite side of Bin Dawood super market on King Fahad street the crash was just happened 5 minutes ago. Front side of jeep was terribly destroyed by the hit & the bus probably has turned upside down and then its face turned opposite side of its route and it fell on one side.

Front side of jeep is destroyed by the hit. Driver must be in very bad condition

Top of the Bus showed it was turned upside down  & the jeep hit it from the back side that causes Bus roll
 However no casualties has been seen, only few passengers were injured. One Pakistani old man told me he was in Bus and it was not the time of accident because it is about morning.